"I not only have an orderly life, but also the opportunity to serve in church by God’s grace" - Daniel Yew


Praise the Lord! I thank God for the chance to glorify His name. May all honor and glory go to our Lord Jesus Christ! I was before a defiant and hardcore drug addict who was hopeless and avoided by others. Today, my life has been turned around by the saving grace of Jesus. That I am able to live a normal life as others. Not only have I kept away from drugs and given employment at Watchman’s Home to lead a stable life, God has also given me the opportunity to serve Him in church ministry work.

I grew up in a broken family without love. My parents had both found their new partners after their divorce and I was to follow my dad. I remembered that when I was only a 12 years old student, I already started smoking, stealing and running away from home. Soon, I was in bad company and was trapped by addiction. I took Cannabis, inhalants, Ecstasy and finally Heroin. From then, my life slipped into darkness and crime.

I started prison life in 1984. In 1986, I was sentenced to 5 years and 1 month and given 5 strokes of cane for drug trafficking. I went in and out of prison for 20 years, prison became my second home. In these 20 years, I tried all ways to turn over a new leaf, but never succeed. My mom's tears, my dad visiting me even in sickness, quarrel between my siblings, the tough prison life and punishment; all these did not change me. A few times, I had tempted the idea of suicide as I was living in torment. I was like a living dead. Who will not want to discard such a life and change for the better. But can one succeed by will?

The end of one's hope is the beginning of God’s work, thank God. It was only because of the strength that God has given me that I have hope. When I was at my wits end and the verge of giving up, God brought me to Watchman’s Home. At Watchman’s Home, God revealed to me my weakness, helplessness, self-centeredness and sins. The daily teaching of the pastor at the Home, the devotion time, the church time, the work therapy; All these have grown in me humility, responsibility, order and submission which I have never known before. God’s power has helped me recovered from my addiction. After the 9 months residential programme, I decided to stay and serve the Lord in this ministry.

Praise to the Lord, to have saved me from sins and given me this new life and hope. I have now a stable life with a regular job at the Home. I not only have a orderly life, but also the opportunity to serve in church by God’s grace. Now that I have a goal in life to live in guidance and obedience to God’s will, I shall no longer lost my direction in life.


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