"I thank Watchman’s Home for nurturing me. Today, I served as a full-time staff at Trinity Bible College."
- Chew Beng Hoe


I am Beng Hoe, an ex-addict and gang member that went in and out of prison many times. In year 2000, I was once again sentenced and caned for drug trafficking and was only released in 2005. Then, I made up my mind to settle down in a regular job, to earn more money. In one week, I managed to find a job that pay me a decent salary and I worked over time everyday. I was so busy and I only realised that when a chuch worker called with concern of why I have not been attending church on Sundays.

One day, Chin Seng called and asked if I will like to join him at Watchman’s Home. Strangely, I just agreed without much thought. Initially, I went to Watchman’s Home only in the later morning to help. Then, Chin Seng asked me if I would like to join in the morning devotion, worship and teaching session. From then on, I participated in the morning worship and realized that all the money I had tried to make by working overtime cannot filled the emptiness in me and I had no peace.

I felt fulfilled spiritually from attending the morning worship and devotion at Watchman’s Home and asked Chin Seng to allow me to stay at Watchman’s Home to learn together with the others. Thank God, even though we put in hard work, but life is now meaningful. All of us study and worship together. We have devotion time both in the morning and at night to equip oneself and to encourage one another. Through the teaching and sharing, we come to know our Lord Jesus Christ better and to know that we can put our trust in him.

I thank Watchman’s Home for nurturing me. Today, I served as a full-time staff at Trinity Bible College. Thank God for not only giving me the chance to serve in His ministry, but also a sister-in-Christ as wife. That we are not lonely in our spiritual journey. May our Heavenly Father empowers me, that I can live a victorious life in Him.

May all honor and glory go to our Father in Heaven. Amen!


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